Principal Message
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Welcome to St. Mary’s Convent School
St. Mary's Convent School is situated in the pollution free spacious ground of Tillawala, Jaipur about 3 Kilometers away from the jagatpura railway crossing and Sanganer Airport. It is a branch of St. Mary's Convent Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer which is more than a century old and of st. mary's Convent School in the lake city of udaipur. This Educational Institution is run by the Franciscan Sister of st. Mary of the Angels, a Christian religious charitable order of Nuns who have rendered their services since 1892, in the educational, health and social fields in the different parts of our country with a predilection for the poor and under-privileged in the remote rural areas. It is a Christian Minority Institution catering to the education of children from all communities and classes of society.
Aims and Objectives of the School
The aim of the institution is to give the pupils an all-round education, to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual qualities and to inculcate a sence of responsibility in the proper development of their own lives in order to participate actively in the Life and welfare of our country. Stress is laid on good conduct, character formation, and awareness and of commitment to : justice, ecology, Liberation of poor/oppressed, especially among women and children.
The Motto
The Motto "Unto the fullness of life" is an invitation to a holistic approach to education in freedom which aims at the formation of the whole human person to ever widening thought and action with a vision of life that is truly universal.
The Emblem
The Globe symbolizes fullness of life and a universal vision. The hand stands for the formative and nuturing role of the educators. The Shild is represented as a young, growing plant in the soil of SMA. SMA stands for the full name of the institutions; St. Mary of the Angels.